Created a new project and dragged and dropped a large RTF file onto a text file thing in the binders.

After a delay I got an error message saying std::Bad_alloc.

When I clicked OK, all instances of S shut down.

Please put version information in a copyable format in your about box so I can copy and paste into posts like this.

I’ve seen from your other posts that you’re working in a project with a lot of large images. Were there images embedded in the RTF you were importing, or that were loaded in the binder? The only other similar instance I’ve seen of someone getting a bad allocation error like this was when importing 25MB+ images–directly, not embedded–so that’s my first guess for looking at this. What was the RTF’s file size?

I assume you’re on version 1.6.1 (31 Oct)?

Actually, I was importing an RTF version of the Scrivener manual. That is, I used an online service to convert the PDF to RTF, then tried to import that. My goal was to create a version of the manual that was easier to read on my Nexus 7.

Yes, version 1.6.1 (Halloween).

Here’s a suggestion: In addition to credits in your about box, include the kind of version information that is useful for support, in a copyable format.

IOW, something like this:

Scrivener Windows 1.6.1 (31 Oct, 2013)
Windows XP Version 5.1, build 2239A
Java Script: blah blah