Steampunk Adventure

I’m writing one. It’s an old project that got lost at about 15k words, and I just stumbled across the corpse and decided to try to revive it. If you’re into steampunk and would like to give some feedback on chapters as I write this thing, I’d be happy to reciprocate. I’m open to giving general crit (not editing) a variety of genres, not just steampunk. I will say up front, however, that if you give advice like ‘simple declarative sentences,’ I’d prefer that you give it to someone else. You aren’t going to like my work.
Basic premise: Competent but nonconformist British Army officer gets hung out to dry by incompetent superiors, mutinies, meets bizarre genius girl, and they band together to bring down the British Empire. If that sounds like your cup of tea (I prefer a smoky oolong myself), hit me up.

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I’m part of a Discord group made up of authors. If you join them, you can ask for crits in exchange for crits. Warning: most of the members are Science Fiction writers.


Hi Susan,

Can you please share a link to this group?


I thought you said this was fiction. :thinking:


Well, the real British Empire wasn’t seriously injured until the First World War, and not actually ‘brought down’ until the end of the second, by its ‘ally,’ the US.

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How did the US bring down the British Empire?

Britain took on massive debt to the US to keep its war machine going in WWI, which largely went into a massive build up of US industrial potential and, relative to its pre-WWI size, the US military establishment. Britain became much less competitive between the wars, and then during the second became dependent on the US both economically and militarily, and has been militarily occupied by the US ever since. Now Britain is just a satrapy of the US Hegemon.

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