Sticky notes?!

I’m composing a syllabus, with multiple modules represented by multiple books. Within any particular module, I frequently refer to relevant studies (chapters) / topics (sections) in other modules. I currently do this using footnotes.

I’d like to explore the option of creating something like a sticky note something like this image. stick note.png

I want it to be adjacent to the appropriate paragraph, not as a separate paragraph. To be clear: I must be able to add it as text, not as an imported image.

Is this an issue similar to something that others have faced and solved? I’m not sure how to start solving this in Scrivener. I’m using MacOS / XeLaTex for final compilation (if relevant).

Any advice gratefully received.

This is the kind of complex layout that’s somewhat beyond Scrivener’s capabilities. A table would be the only solution I can think of.


The first thing you need to do is get familiar enough with Latex to find a solution out there for it. There are templates and the like for this kind of thing, I’m sure, or maybe custom commands that work with most tex installations.

If you’re not already pretty good at researching the LaTeX side of things, integrating any potential solution into Scrivener’s compile process is going to be pretty overwhelming. So I suggest playing directly with latex to get something to appear the way you want it, and then come back with questions on how to transform text in scrivener into the specific latex mark-up command you need.

Thanks, Katherine and Robert for your thoughts,

In fact, I am pretty competent with integrating LaTex solutions — I’ve now located a potential solution — however, most LaTex users haven’t got a clue about a workflow that doesn’t revolve around composing directly in Tex / LaTex, so, as a rule, I’ve found it’s worth starting out in these forums, in case someone else have covered the ground already — never hurts to ask.


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Probably the previous post deleted post is robospam, but in the intervening few years a nice Typst solution to margin sticky notes have been released:

This would be easy to use with a Scrivener style…


While maybe not super practical, that’s a nice showcase of the layout engine.