Sticky project note / Post-it / reminder /etc

I’ve tried searching for the above terms, but can’t find what I am looking for (although as a new user, it’s possible I have missed the bleedin obvious).

Is there a facility for creating a floating note or reminder, in a way that you would physically stick a post-it note to your computer?

I am thinking of prompts and reminders, set when I write my diary in the morning, then promptly forgotten once I start work, Oblique Strategies, inspirational quotes, etc, etc,

Basically it would be a ‘Project note’ available whatever I am working in/on (except composition mode of course, which is so tranquil and uncluttered), that can be made to float and be re-sizeable, but not disappear until I tell it to.

Does this exist?

Why not use the built-in Mac version? … es-on-mac/

Ah, I didn’t know it existed, that’s why not! Thanks (have to disable my ad blocker to read the article, so it’ll have to wait for a bit as I’m working against a deadline or three)

Open your applications folder and look for an app called Stickies. It does post it notes on the Mac.

OMG I assumed that was just a legacy carryover I was carrying forward. Surprised Apple is still distributing that little app. Fun. Can’t quite imagine cluttering up my screen that way anymore, but hey for a dedicated use, maybe.

Launched the app just now after probably decades – to find a disturbing hundred old sticky notes! To give you a sense of antiquity, one of these contains notes to self about necessary code-change steps required after converting a Hypercard project into a Supercard project.


Thinking non-fungible token and a seven-figure price tag?


I am now. Let the bidding begin!