Still alive...

…so thought I’d pop in & see what I’ve been missing. And there was a new Three Word Story. And birthday wishes for Jaysen. And spam bots spamming almost coherent nonsense (which makes me very uncomfortable as I start to wonder if I’m real). And… more stuff! It’s like Christmas and a cup of tea with vic-k all rolled into one. :smiley:

Why would you want vic-k tea on christmas? you may need serious … pineapple covered in cherry compote.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been a bit hungry the last couple days.

I thought you’d understand.

And desperately seeking irony as well

Are´nt the spammer on Sciv, great!! I was thinking of joining them.
Instead of offering to do folks ´ dissertations for them, I’d post:
“Vic k, Hairy arsed welder, will come and do your 'Pressurized Vessel ´, welding test for you. Fare to&from, plus £500 fee.”
Wot d’y ’ think, Nom?

nom, I do understand. but only the head shrinkers can really understand the WHY… I also seek iron. I keep blowing the head gasket on my MG and I think it’s due to some issues with a casting. I need more iron. MORE IRON!

Vic-k, I’ve a pressure vessel for you.

Well… it’s a great ad. But as forum spam it has — I’m so sorry for saying this about your writing in public — but it has a little too much logic. It makes sense. There’s A product. There’s a call to action. There’s coherent grammar.

To convert the same topic into forum spam, it needs to be a bit more vague. I was going to write, “nonsensinsical” but that can be misinterpreted. There’s “nonsense” (whimsical, silly), and there’s “without sense”. Mum’n’Maude know all about the former, spammers have mastered the latter.

Here’s an initial attempt to change your beautiful and poetic ode to welding into forum spam…

For some reason, all I can think of is the scene at the end of Beetlejuice…

Still too … interpret-able.

Well done sir, well done indeed. :smiley:

One needs to become at peace with the inner spam bot to understand the outer spam bot.

I am one with the spam.
One with the spaaammmm.
One with spaaaammmmmm.

Where’s the pineapple? And some eggs? Hawaiian breakfast anyone?

Last time I ask either of you two a serious/sensible question! tch! tch! tch! Wot y ´ like?!!!