Still Duplicate & then Merge to save snapshots?

Hello all,

I came across this [THREAD 1] thread after searching, quite recent, since I am experiencing the same situation >> i.e., after merging two consecutive documents [Cmd+Shf+M] in the Binder.
The snapshots from the ‘bottom’ document were maintained, with all the snapshots from the ‘upper’ document seemingly nowhere to be found. :open_mouth:

In searching the forums for the above, came across this [THREAD 2] thread advocating a ‘first duplicate, then Merge’ approach - to ensure all snapshots are maintained. Is this still best practice?
And secondly, THREAD 1 suggested there might have been a bug - anyone else seeing this behaviour?

THREAD 1: [url]]
THREAD 2: [url]]

It was a very specific workflow to retain the timestamp of a snapshot for cases where you want to effectively “import” an original snapshot into another document. I do not understand the relevance to your query—but I would say it is “best practices” in terms of being the best way to do precisely what I just described. :slight_smile:

As for the first thread, it seemed they were referring to an old display glitch, but as you can see from how the thread ended, they never got back, so we will probably never know if what they saw was a user error, a new bug, or what.

Are you saying that if you try my test project you don’t get four snapshots?

Thanks Ioa!

I did a quick test.

Below is what was done >> note Merge 1 with its 4 snapshots, followed by a completely different Merge 2 document, and its respective 2 snapshots.

Test Project_Dropbox - Merge 1 Scrivener, Today at 16.52.24.png
Test Project_Dropbox - Merge 2 Scrivener, Today at 16.52.42.png
Test Project_Dropbox - Merged Result Scrivener, Today at 16.53.27.png

So it clearly worked as I would have expected, and was expecting.

But for whatever reason, yesterday it didn’t. So it must have been a simple issue with those 2 documents in my project, and hopefully a once-off.

And fortunately, through some snooping inside the project package inside Dropbox, I found the snapshot I had lost, and was able to put back what had been changed/gone missing through a simple copy&paste - so problem averted.

Do you perhaps have a zipped backup that would have the two original documents with snapshots intact, prior to merging them? If so it might be possible to recreate the problem.

If you can, feel free to send in a copy to our support address, and flag the message with this thread URL so it can be forwarded to me. It needn’t be the entire project most likely, just the two affected documents, ready to merge.

As the OP from Thread 1 posted here by Cassady, I should say I forgot to reply in that thread to say that the snapshot feature is actually working for me now as expected. As that thread outlines, I wasn’t seeing what was expected at the time. Ioa’s test project worked perfectly and continues to do so, as does merging in my own projects. Presumably it was user error on my part at the time! One possibility is that I have a tendency to merge using Documents -> Merge, but I can’t see how that would make a difference.

Ioa, apologies for the lack of acknowledgement and thanks for the assistance, I simply forgot :blush:

Oh no worries! That’s how it goes sometimes, and if I don’t hear back from someone I assume things seem to be working overall. :slight_smile:

As the THREAD 2 person, my issue was how to insert a missing snapshot (i.e. version / edit) into the ‘history’ of my chapters without losing the latest version. Very definitely a specialised request which I got around using rollback and then roll forward without merging.