Still new to Scrivener.

I heard too many good things, and that’s why I bought Scrivener. It’s a lot to take in at once and I now see the steep learning curve everyone talks about. It will take time. The people on the competition’s forum, Atomic Scribbler, really hate Scrivener. At first glance, A.S. just looks like a Scrivener wannabe, and there’s a lot of former S. users over there. They really have a bad case of tunnel vision and don’t want to hear a peep about anything else. Just saying…

Made me look!! :slight_smile:

I looked. Its an interesting tool. Pretty much Microsoft Publisher vs Adobe Indesign. in comparing ease vs capability.
Enough form some, but not nearly the depth of tool Scrivner is.

I work in marketing, so when I see reviews or casual forum references to a product where the the branding perfect, I smell a marketing team behind the post. The forum seems full of posts written in similar style talking to teach other often using perfect brand name capitalization. hmmm

Just saying.

The only reason I knew about Atomic Scribbler is that Scrivener mentions it. At the bottom of the website, there’s a useful links button, and A.S. is the first thing they (Scrivener) mention and said it’s definitely worth checking out. So, I checked it out.

All these posts about Atomic Scribbler should be in the “Software and Development” forum:

Not in the “Windows Feedback” forum.