Story Calendar

What I would like is some way to put the ‘story time’ in the story, in an official way so that it can be searched on, etc.

So like:

April, 27, 1815 Tuesday 0800 Am

kind of thing attached to a scene or whatever

I’ve tried this a dozen different ways over the years, but the one I’ve stuck with longest simply uses the title of the Synopsis Card:

000705 Amelia Meets the Family, which translates to July 5, 1800, someone specific goes somewhere specific and does something specific. It scans fine in the Binder, the Outliner, and the Corkboard.

The first line of the synopsis is slightly more detailed:
July 5, 1800. 3am through 730-8pm.
Then the text on the card contains as much information as is needed and space allows (I don’t like run-on cards):
“Rescued at the last minute by unseen forces, Amelia wakes up in strange surroundings to find herself burned, broken, and . . .”

Ironically since I posted this I have started doing just this myself. I have been using the format:

Day 8 Tuesday Afternoon
Mark, Cynthia, Cal


Date, Day, Time of day
POV character
Characters present in scene

Obviously for my wish list I was hoping for something more formal, something where the days automatically had their ‘day’ attached, a way of viewing the scenes in ‘calendar view’, etc.

actually, you can use this software which it can link up with scrivener good enough : not only that, it can work in tandem like with that dropbox feature.

the downside is that you will need to buy it but the good side is that the software is a very good complementary.

so, for now, you have to wait the scrivener 3 because they apparently added a similar idea of what you were looking for.

In the next major (paid) update, you will be able to create date-based meta-data fields, so that you could apply a date to any document.

All the best,

Hey Keith! Any idea when that will be?