Story Genius

Is anyone getting involved with and working with this story planning concept.
Am curious just how much it adds to the work, planning and changes to your drafts and story structure.



Why do I have a feeling you’re trying to advertise a workshop? :wink:

Sorry, not the case at all. It’s just that after years of being spoon fed
the 3 act structure ala Brooks, etc. this system comes to light. I
believe many of us consider portions of it and have incorporated it into
our work for quite some time.
My question at this point is “what has anyone picked up from it that
is not obvious and used it to their advantage in building stronger
characters and enhancing the strength of their story?”

Scrivener-user/teacher Gwen Hernandez has a bit about it on her website, and a downloadable Lisa-Cron approved Scrivener template. Worth a look, if you’re interested in Cron’s method. Which appears to be a distillation of previous methods, as most new methods tend to be, with perhaps a bit more insights than some and a less cookie-cutter LegoLand approach than many. … ry-genius/