Straight and Curly Quotation Marks

I’ve noticed that typing traditional quotation marks now results in straight up-and-down marks, at least sometimes. Can someone explain how to get them back? Thanks!

  1. For each project check that the following setting is ticked:

Edit > Substitutions > Smart Quotes

  1. Load the manuscript in scrivenings and choose:

Edit > Transformations > Convert Quotes to Smart Quotes

  1. Alternatively, key the quotes you want:

Left single: OPT ]

Right single (apostrophe): OPT SHIFT ]

Left double: OPT [

Right double: OPT SHIFT [

Thanks so much for replying. However, I don’t have “Edit>Substitutions>Smart Quotes” in Scrivener 2.7. Similarly, I don’t have the other commands you mention. Can you confirm that this is the problem?

Since I only use 10% of Scrivener’s capabilities I have not seen the need to upgrade … hoping to avoid the issue of another learning curve.

I once read that in most commercial software packages the average user only uses about 20% of the features. The thing is that each user uses a different 20%. 8)

I upgraded and didn’t find much of a learning curve.

I’m a user, not an L&L employee, and I deleted version 2 from my Mac long ago. So I’m sorry that I can’t help diagnose your problems with 2.7 :frowning:

That said, v. 2.7 is outdated even for v. 2. The latest Scrivener before 3 was 2.9.16. It’s still available as a download here:

Should you choose to upgrade to 3, the biggest learning curve is for the new Compile, which was almost completely rewritten. I suggest that you schedule in at least 2 days to learn it, and another day for the rest of the changes. You’ll want to study the “what’s new” section of the Help menu tutorial. You’ll also likely want to download and study the Upgrade Guide:

Hope this helps! If you want to be sure to get an answer from L&L Tech Support directly, you can email them at


I no longer have version 2 of Scrivener or a 32-bit Mac capable of running it (though I wish I did), so I am unable to help.

As mentioned above, tech support should be able to offer advice.



Thanks for replying and the tip, Silerdragon.