Strange (and undesired) behavior when editing

Fairly recent, I don’t have much details to share at this point, but I am curious to know if others get (and of course noticed) the same behavior.

Since the last few days/weeks (something that more or less matches the latest release date), often when editing a sentence I move a text selection to another location, the selected content rather lands a couple lines down from where I actually dropped it.
Sometimes not even in the same paragraph.

I’d say it happens once or twice out every five edits (??)
And it is obviously not something systematic (by that I mean that specific conditions would determine whether it happens or not at a certain place), because when it happens, I undo, and then it usually (though sometimes not) works the second time around. If not, the third or…

I’ll further develop as it goes (should I have more to say), as for the next few days I’ll be mostly editing.

(Win 10,
I tried to reproduce that a few times on a long scrivening; nothing happened dragging and dropping within the visible area of the window.

However, I have just seen again the tendency of the screen to leap a couple of “pages” down (on that long scrivening) on a single “click” of the rolling scroll wheel on the mouse (it’s Logitech; it might be sending three line steps but not enough to go 2-3 screenfuls down).

Hence this question: are you experiencing this within the visible area of the editor, or is the drag initiating scrolling? (In which case the two scenarios might be connected. TBH I haven’t tried dragging and dropping with scrolling myself; your experience is the focus.)

UPDATE: Ah, there’s no autoscroll (for me) when trying to drag a selection. So, not that then.

You know when you take something broken to the repair shop and it suddenly works, like magic, just like that ?
It stopped happening the moment I created the thread.
I think my computer was to blame. Now behaving like some guilty dog who realizes he’s been caught tearing the couch apart…

But more seriously, I now suspect that under some whatever conditions (which is likely then to reoccur – I mean, it kicked in enough times and over enough days for me to decide to post about it) something causes my mouse pointer to build up an offset. Or something like that. Something that would happen (with the left button held) between the initial click(grab) and the drop. But honestly, speculations is all I’ve got for now.

Will keep you guys posted.

@Julian_M1 No, no scrolling involved. And I don’t have typewriter scrolling on either.

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