Strange anomaly

I have a strange anomaly happening. When I highlight a word and double click it to ‘look up word’ it will include everything but the last letter of the word. For example if I highlight the word ‘technical’ it will only look up ‘technica’. If I highlight and then go to: Edit/Writing Tools/ Look up in Dictionary and Thesaurus it works just fine, only NOT when I double click it. This only just started happening. I have not changed any settings.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Very strange. At first glance, I’m going to suspect some kind of third-party utility. Are you running anything that might be intercepting mouse actions?


Hi Katherine-

No, I am on my Macbook Air using only the built in trackpad. This feature hasn’t always behaved this way, but only just recently started. No changes have been made to the software or my preferences.



On another note… I’ve had this other issue ever since 2.2 came out that Ioa tried helping me with before, but it’s still doing it. I only get indications that words are mispelled if I go into full screen mode, where everything disappears and I’m only presented with my writing. I never get the red squiggly underlines in any other view.