Strange behavior?

I am seeing behavior (Scrivener 3.0.3, 3032) when compiling to ePub 3 that does not appear when compiling to ePub 2.

Specifically, compiling to ePub 3 is converting all italics to regular text, and ePub 2 is not.

I have checked the transformation tabs, and they are:
ePub 3:


What am I missing? The main body text of all documents is formatted “no style.” There is a compile style for scene body (all documents in the Manuscript are Scenes, with Part folders containing Chapter folders, which contain Scenes), and the section types are all Structure-based, The font used in the compile style for the Scene body text has an italic in the family. The ePub 2 doc preserves italics, and ePub 3 does not, so I figure I must be missing something.

Edit: Also, to clarify, there are also no hyperlinks in the document (so the checked “hyperlink” box in the ePub 2 transformation shouldn’t have any effect, and shouldn’t be affecting italics in any case).

Is the scene-body style used during the ePub-3 compile a paragraph style or a paragraph+character style? (The font rules applied to ePub-3 are far more prescriptive than the generic rules available to ePub -2, which probably explains the differences in the final compile outputs and why the CSS and HMTL panels that provide options during ePub-3 compiles aren’t included in ePub-2 compiles, as shown by your two images.)

If the latter, the character part of the styling will overwrite any italics or bolds styled in the editor. The former should retain italics and bolds in the compiled ebook (well, it does in my test compiles).

FWIW, Scrivener doesn’t embed fonts in ebooks, so I doubt if the font choice is the cause of the issue (though it would definitely be relevant in a PDF or .doc compile). … 75#p267675

Slàinte mhòr.

It is a P+C style, a part of the styles I hadn’t been paying any attention to before!

That was it, thank you JORO :smiley: Updating the style definition to be a ¶-only, then creating a new compile style based on it, was the trick. :smiley:

Edit: Perhaps strange (to me) is that ePub 3 was the only compile output affected. Both the word (doc & docx) and PDF output formats preserved the italics, but not ePub 3. You indicated that ePub 3 was stricter about such things (at least that’s how I read it), so perhaps that is the reason why.

Glad you managed to get it to work as you wanted.

Yes, ePub-3 offers more granular control, thanks to the improvements offered by CSS3 and HTML5. It can even do fixed layouts (with the right content-creation tool). … -vs-epub3/

Slàinte mhòr.