Strange Behaviour of Grammarly in QR Panels

This is a Grammarly problem, but nonetheless an irritation.
I use Grammarly in Scrivener and things work as expected in the Editor, i.e. when one of the many fantastic, coloured lines pops up, I hover over it and have options at my fingertips—well, at my mouse click. That generally reduces 80 suggestions in a 2000-word piece to just over a handful, which is then dealt with my clicking on the indicated number outstanding.
However, in the case of a Quick Reference Panel, Grammarly flags the perceived errors (still in its many fantastic colours) but hovering over them does nothing. A user then has to click the suggested error number to bring up the suggestions displayed as a popup list.
I write my narrative timeline in QR panels and feel disempowered to deal with suggestions on the fly.
I wonder if those kids at Grammarly left something out in their integration?
The work-around is to give the narrative timeline item focus in the editor, but hey, all the swapping can get tiresome.

Since this is a Grammarly issue, I’m moving it to a more appropriate forum.

Do you have the option, in the Window menu, set to “Float Quick Reference Panels”? There is a possibility that doing so changes the “class” of window to something that Grammarly is treating more like a utility palette rather than a ordinary document window.

Thanks. Grammarly is experiencing a service interruption for the past hour, as timing would have it.
I’ll try again tomorrow.
The option was ticked and unticking it has already given me a better experience, as prefer to have QR panel not take precedence over other windows, especially in full screen mode.

Okay, Grammarly back. Unticking “Float Quick Reference Panels” has indeed solved the problem.

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