Strange flashing status bar

I just updated to the latest version and discovered a flashing status bar in the middle of one of my chapters (specifically the second scene of one of my chapters). This occurs when I view the entire chapter (folder) at once. In the second scene there is a 82% flashing status bar. I have attached a screenshot… Any ideas?

if it helps, I have also been having this problem when I look at the chapter via the chapter folder. it occurred at the top of several of my chapters, and also seems to be linked to or interfering with the scroll bar on the right hand side of the text, which shows as if it is at the top when it is about halfway up.

Yeah I should mention that, as you can see from the pic above, the second scene (where the status bar is) isn’t starting at the top of that scene’s text. When I scroll when I’m there, it goes up and under the dashed line separating scene one and scene two, hiding the top of scene two.

the windows version has an additional feature over the mac one - Lee and Co have inserted complex algorithms which, once the draft gets above a certain size, evaluates your work against industry standards. one of the reasons the windows version has taken a while to develop was having the coding accurately determine which genre your writing was in and therefore which classic novels to use as benchmarks.

82% is a very high score suggesting what you have written is excellent work. just so you know, if you attain 90%, and have inputted your contact details on the compile settings, you will get put on the call sheet of a literary agent appropriate for your genre.

either that or its a bug

By the way, squiggle, just saw your separate thread on this. Sorry I didn’t see it before posting! Sounds like we have exactly the same problem.

Just got this on a project, as well, except mine was flashing on 53%. I was viewing the entire chapter, but if i view just that fragment, it’s fine. Then when I closed Scrivener, it crashed.

The fragment in question is at the end of a 3000+ word chapter. It’s 1851 words/10,867 characters. Every time I open the project, I get the flashing status bar (stuck at 53%.) It’ll scroll if I scroll (with mouse wheel) in that window. So, my focus is on the entire chapter, scroll down with mouse wheel, and when it gets to that section, the section will scroll, but not the entire window, until it gets to the bottom of the chapter.

Resizing the text only increases or decreases what the scroll bar is stuck at. (120% is 53%, 100% is 72%.)

Only constant I can find is that it seems to happen in fragments over 1000 words part of a larger document. 1000+ files not nested seem to be fine.

I don’t get this problem in linux native Scrivener.

Sorry, I’m losing track of all the threads on this. It’s a noted bug, Lee’s in the middle of fixing it. It has to do with the resizing/redrawing of the Scrivenings session, causing the constant loading progress bar on some documents and also the buggy issues where the text isn’t all visible but scrolls under the divider. As noted, this will mostly happen with larger Scrivenings sessions. Performance when working like this is decreased as well due to the redrawing bug, so if you’re getting some exceptional lag when trying to type here, that will also be improved with the fix.

D’oh, sorry! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you guys have figured out how to fix it!

I look forward to the fix – I’m getting the same problem.