Strange Java console reports when starting up my Mac


When starting my MacBook I get a weird Java console report that seems to be automatically generated by Scrivener.
The text written in the report is in French and is starts like this :

Last login: Fri Mar 27 10:50:00 on ttys004
XXX@mbp-de-XX~ % /Applications/ ; exit;

I did reinstall Scrivener but the console report still shows up every time I start the computer.

I may add that I experienced some unexpected crashes with Scrivener a couple of weeks ago but now I no longer have problems with the software. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure these Java console reports started to appear after the crashes.

This is a minor issue since it doesn’t seem to be associated with actual bugs but I wonder if it may be a symptom of something not working properly.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried:

  1. Re-installing Java on your system—that message is coming from the Java console, so maybe your Java extension got corrupted in the crash;
  2. Turning off the extended doc converters—which rely on Java—to use the internal converter created by KB?

Also, what version of MacOS are you using and what version of Scrivener?

(Just a long term user, not a member of the Lit&Lat team.

Hey xiamenese,
Thanks for the solution.

Thanks Mark.

I did uninstall Java following instructions I saw on Oracle website. I also did untick the box in Scrivener preferences so converting doc files don’t use Java anymore.

Both of those actions didn’t stop the Java console message to show up when starting my Mac. Also converting doc files using the Java default option still works if I choose to do so.

My understanding of the situation is that Java uninstallation is actually complete – I checked – BUT there seems to be a Java plugin in the Scrivener app/program files which still works. This one :


Funny thing is this file path also is the very file path that shows up in the Java console report I keep getting.

Can I just delete this plugin file since I don’t use the convert doc java function anymore?

Thanks again for your precious help.

Thibault (from France)

Hi Thibault,

I don’t know the answer to that one as I’m just a use—though with over 12 years experience of Scrivener—not one of the developers, nor even a programmer. Let’s hope someone with more knowledge of Java comes along to help. Or you could take out a support ticket with the team.

I’m not at my computer at the moment, so I’m afraid I can’t check, but I think you can email, givin the URL of this thread as well as explaining your problem.



Thanks very much Mark, I appreciate you tried to help me.
I will certainly consider email the support team.
Thanks again.

What version of Mac OS, and what version of Scrivener?

Scrivener uses Java-based converters for some file formats. The way Mac OS handles Java virtual machines has changed over the years, and as a result Scrivener has had to change how it invokes those converters to compensate.

So what you’re seeing may be normal, but it’s impossible to say without more information.


Thanks to everyone for the help.
I tried a couple of procedures you guys described, but they didn’t work even after uninstalling Java (which was really weird).
I have reached Scrivener support and they came up with the actual solution.
I went to the system preferences and checked what program were set to launch when starting up the Mac.
I found out there was a Java plugin in the there that stuck even after Java was uninstalled, and I deleted it.
The console report has never showed up again since then.
Thanks again for all the suggestions.