Strange "OBJ" characters in document

Hi. I found these OBJ objects in one of my docs, but on the screen they did not display, and were invisible even with Show invisibles enabled.

I was having issues with cursor visibility when arrowing through lines of text, and when removing formatting from text. Even doing a “plain” paste of the problem area didn’t make a difference. It was only when I copied from Scrivener and did a plain paste into Word that I saw the OBJ box.

I thought I might have to make a screenshot of them to show here, but it is apparently just a character of some kind — it pasted right into this post from Word. But Scrivener doesn’t render it as a visible character (even using the Calibri font, as in Word), and instead just does weird visibility things in the local area.

Anyone know what these are and where they might have come from?

Thanks and Happy Yearend!

I googled the  and that thing is “The object replacement character, sometimes used to represent an embedded object in a document when it is converted to plain text.”

So I’m really not sure, but I think what Word is saying with the  thing is that there’s something there but Word doesn’t know what it is. :person_shrugging:


Did you solely write the text in Scrivener or is it possible you copied at least parts from somewhere else, say from a webpage? The latter would be a good source for carrying in unwanted and sometimes trouble causing characters.

Looks like it might be as simple as emojis that weren’t recognized at some point in your sourcing, or could be markers for intended malware that didn’t succeed, or I am thinking also could be a result of unintendedly typing a Unicode character, if you were having trouble with your keyboard.

This is a more-than-comprehensive article, it seems:

The OBJ itself is just a Unicode character, harmless. But if you were having trouble with cursor movement, it might be that the offencting original object was still in your problem text.

I tihnk I’d take the rendering in MS Word, remove all the OBJ, then copy-paste the result back into Scrivener, perhaps first entirely deleting and creating as new the document where the text goes, just to be safe.

Nice holidays, MadGirl, and hope this make more so as you can relax :slight_smile: