Strange Problem regarding and caused by Full Screen Mode.

Hi Everyone,

First off, I was hoping that Full Screen Mode would be Full Screen, but I still get to see the background menu structure of the program, is there a way to fix this so that all I see id the page that I am working on?

Anyway, I have a problem that I can only fix if I reboot the laptop after selecting ‘Full Screen Mode’, the problem is that the menu’s don’t show up after coming out of ‘Full Screen Mode’, all I get is the outline of the drop down menu and the shadow that appears when the menu is on screen, but the actual menu is 100% transparent and cannot be seen, however I tried to grab a screen shot using TechSmith Snagit and when you select ‘Capture’, the menu appears, but when you close Snagit the menu vanishes again. I have tried quitting out of Scrivener and going back in but even shutting down the program does not fix this, the only way to see Scrivener menua’s again is to reboot the PC.

I am not sure if it is just my PC that is causing this, its brand new Dell XPS 15 2in1 running the latest Windows 10, and was just bought for this task.

Kind Regards


And which version of Scrivener are you talking about? 1.9.X or 3-beta?

Sorry about that, 1.9.9

Hi James,

In full screen mode, bring your cursor down to the bottom of the screen. The full screen toolbar will pop up. You can adjust background fade on the right of the toolbar.

Never heard anyone with that particular issue before, so it’s likely isolated to your setup. You may want to uninstall & reinstall Scrivener, that can’t hurt and might fix it. Otherwise, contact L&L support at the link I provided in your other thread.