Strange text doc with yellow icon

A regular text doc changed to having a yellow icon and the word/character count no longer displayed. It’s as if it was transformed into some kind of note…

I use Scrivener day in, day out and have seen this before a few years ago, but despite searching through every menu and preference I can’t work out what has happened and how to reverse it.

And maybe those ‘yellow’ docs have a vital function but I don’t know what it is!

Please remind me…

–Ian Greig

Looks like you had a finger fumble. That is Script writing mode - Apple key +8. That should toggle it off as well.

Finger fumble is exactly right. I remember now… Thanks for the reminder.

–Ian Greig

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For future reference, Table 7.1 in the manual lists and explains all of the standard Binder icons. They carry a lot of information for such a tiny space.

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Hi everyone, hope you are all ok. My question is, why are there yellow icons on my documents as posted below. Is there anything i should do to deactivate it? Here is a oicture to exemplify.

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 07.53.11

Those yellow are scripts.
You’ve accidentally activated scriptwriting mode.
It’ll have to be turned off per document.
I believe the function to be under the format menu. (Currently not at my computer.)

Perfect! Even away from the computer you managed to help! Thanks so much, it was mainly an OCD thing. :slight_smile:

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