Strange things happening with text

Hi – I’m having intermittent trouble with text, illustrated in the screenshot below. I can’t get the line spacing to be consistent at that particular point, even though nothing changes from the rest of the document in the Style/Font/Line Spacing bar that I can see. In addition, if I try simply deleting the spaces before the word “So”, I lose the entire sentence before that.

Even weirder, another delete takes me to numbered lines!

(one more thing; I don’t remember how to insert an image here: , so I attached a a pair of png files.)

Style change.png

That looks to me like you have a rogue list without bullets or numbers visible. It would explain why you sometimes get numbers, and why indent and tab control is somewhat automatic.

Try selecting all of the affected text and using the Format ▸ Lists ▸ None menu command. You might have to toggle to a list and then back to none if that doesn’t work the first time.

Thanks, Amber. Sorry to be getting back to you so late! I’ll try your suggestions next time I run into the problem, which seems to be quiescent at the moment.