Stress is good

Hi, my stressed fellows,

According to a review I read in a Italian newspaper, it seems that this study discovered that stress is not causing harm to our health. On the contrary, it can help living more:

I’m confident I just earned at least a couple years more.


Paolo, amico mio,
Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers… especially Italian newspapers!! :wink:

There are a lot of theories and guesses on what makes people live longer but very few hard facts. Some believe that eating less will make you live longer. That’s actually proven for mice and rats and might very well be true for humans. However the only proven results come from the reaserchers at Uppsala University in Sweden. They found that healthy people live longer than sick people. So if you want to live longer, you should stay as healthy for as long as you can.

Stress has been a significant cause of several severe and life threatening medical issues for me and several of my associates. This statement is based on clinical diagnosis with support from physicians and psychiatrists.

That said I would offer that the word “stress” needs to be qualified. when used in a lose context such as this.

Granted I am probably overly sensitive…

I am with you, Jaysen.

Yeah…thinking back to the time immediately between my recital and my doctoral defense, I think if I continued with that level of stress any longer than I did, it would’ve had some pretty serious effects on my health. After I got the defense done and moved to the other coast, I started sleeping better, I haven’t gotten seriously sick beyond allergy weirdness, and I dropped some weight. It can’t be unrelated.

From being a performer, there’s a little squirt of adrenaline, and there’s a constant state of fight or flight. I’m fine with doing without the later for a good long while.

Other valuable research may have included discoveries that people tend to prefer looking at pretty people than ugly people, and that larger shoe sizes tend to be bought be people with big feet.

…or, 99.9999999999% of all intellectual giants and polymaths, regularly imbibe copious amounts of, Guinness, and/or, the Holy Distillation, Jameson Whiskey

Thank you pigfinder :laughing: . Actually I wrote the thing about health and longevity above four days ago as a joke. (Sorry, my wife says that I have no humor at all and my brother says that I could easily win the contest for lousy jokes). Of course no researches would ever engage in such a silly quest, least of all the very famous researches at Uppsala University. I presume that the research about larger shoe sizes and big feet is also a joke. Or is it? If not, would you recommend that people with big feet actually should buy larger shoe sizes, even though we know that such shoes are difficult to find and are very expensive?

Actually Mr Bob, I thought it was quite witty of you. Obviously a joke, and a good one to boot. :smiley:

You gotta wonder (not about Guinness or Jamesons, of course, these are holy and shall not be wondered at) … The members of the generation now passing on were born into the Great Depression and WWII, which must have been a tiny bit stressful. And then they had the rest of their lives, which even in the balmy suburban Fifties and Sixties wouldn’t have been exactly stress-free.

My wife’s Nana, 100 this year, still does her own shopping and cooks for a rotating houseful of people.

I suspect part of her recipe for longevity is the ability to drop all worry and stop the black rats running on their wheels inside her head. Every morning about 4-5 am onward she sits on her verandah and watches the world wake up around her, as far as I can tell thinking absolutely nothing. I suspect she is a living example of Krishnamurti’s “choiceless awareness”, although she wouldn’t have heard of Krishnamurti and wouldn’t have any idea what meditation involves.

I think, in sort, that it’s less about the stress than the ability to let it pass when the stressors come off.

From what I’ve read, control has a lot to do with it as well. A happy freelance writer – even if he’s broke – is likely to be happier than a low-level office worker.


As long as you promise not to take this as an insult to your wife and brother… I liked the joke.

Being a quite derivative in character I couldn’t resist the opportunity to stretch it.

There is, of course, this … … ge&id=2573



Everyone has an expiration date. No one knows for sure exactly when it is. Some can do things to extend that date (healthy lifestyle) but this does not guarantee an actual extension.

In the end each person can prioritize their life decisions based upon their own personal beliefs.

In that respect, pidg, you and his Lordship, stand as one. He’s invested heavily in the brewers of the Ebony Ambrosia, and the distillers of the, Holy Distillation, the Amber Nectar.

Every single problem in life has been solved by drunk people. The only problem is the next day remembering those solutions is vague to say the least.


An eerily strong resemblance to his Lordship, there :open_mouth: pidg!

I think that is grand-pap. But he died a while ago… What magic is at work here?

The copper coil, I’d say.