Strikethrough color when compiling

Hi guys,
I’m using Scrivener to revise a manuscript after receiving comments from my publisher, they need to see what I change, however when I compile, the strikethroughs don’t appear in red, which is my revision color. The strikethroughs are red in Scrivener but not on Word, they’re black. The new text is red as it should, though. Any idea how I can get the strikethroughs to stay red in Word after I compiled just like the new text?
Thank you for your time.

Not being around Word at the moment, have you checked to see if Word can even do this? I’ve found both overstrike and underscore custom colouring to be somewhat unusual outside of Mac applications like Scrivener, but I am by no means even passably familiar with word processors.

Hey, thanks for your reply. Yes I figured out that the problem is coming from Word, not Scrivener, Word (or Open Office) don’t allow this feature. You can copy the text on Pages on Mac and the strikethrough stays red, but not on these other two. Thank you!