Strikethrough requested

After discussing the strikethough feature (, concluding that there is no button available for it on the Mac: would that be possible to include in a next version?

The strikethrough function is very handy with todo lists and with reworking texts. I know the keyboard-shortcut, but I’d love to use a button. Text editor ‘Bean’ has it, so it is possible.


No, there are no plans for this, sorry. The keyboard shortcut is incredibly easy to use, though - much easier than a button.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Why was it taken up in the Windows version then? Or will it be removed?


The Windows version is separate, so I guess Lee decided to add it on a whim. :slight_smile:

Ah! Non-conformists! Tsk, tsk…

Anyway, I do hope you’ll reconsider. After all, keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline are even simpler than for Strikethrough, but nevertheless received a button.

But maybe most important: it cannot be true Windows users are better off than Mac users. :mrgreen:

We like to throw them a bone sometimes, to make them feel better. :slight_smile:

Allow me to come back on this topic. I do think it is a pity I have to switch to Windows (which I will not) to be able to use a strikethrough button. Cannot tweak it myself unfortunately.

But maybe it is possible to change the shortcut for strikethrough? It is now three keys, two would be better. Like ‘alt’ + ‘-’. I have the Services Menu ‘WordService’ by Devon Technologies, could I do something with that? Use MacOSX 10.6.8, Scrivener 2.4.1

Anyone on a Mac can change a keyboard shortcut for almost any program. Here are some instructions on how: … er-for-mac

Thanks robertdguthrie for you advise.

I knew that posibillity, but somehow I did not manage to get the right changes in Scrivener. I just tried again, tried some new combinations, and indeed I now managed to get a change. So magic advise Robert!

Btw, I now use ‘cmd’ + ‘-’ thus overriding the shortcut for making the fontsize smaller. Small loss, big gain for me. I use it a lot for todo-lists, text corrections (also when showing others an edited text) and text reworkings.

Even now I’m a bit further, a strikethrough button in the ‘Customize menu’ section would still be very much appreciated :smiley:
And of course it is unforgivable M$-soldiers have more choice in this respect than I as a member of the Mac-elite :smiling_imp: