String conversion was inexact

I am getting this error when compiling, and I don’t know what it means:

Warning(core):W1002: String conversion was inexact.

I am compiling for a .mobi file (for Kindle), and as far as I can tell the Kindle file works fine.

Any clue what this means? I searched the forums and didn’t see anything about this error.

This is a Kindlegen error, which apparently can be caused by certain unicode characters, according to this post on the Kindle Publishing forum. If you use any such special characters in your text, you may want to research their usage on Kindle to see if they’re likely to cause a problem and potentially replace them with something else. If you want to try inserting the HTML code directly, you’ll need to compile to EPUB first and then use a free tool like Sigil to edit the HTML. You can then open the EPUB in Kindle Previewer to create a .mobi copy.

Thank you! I appreciate the help.

Weird error. I can’t see the results of where exactly the problem is.