Structure and Layout Printing Difficulties

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been “using” Scrivener since the end of January, which basically means I’ve been battling through writer’s block while opening and closing multiple folders, typing random ideas, and killing off as many characters as I possibly can without people thinking I’m GRRM.

I love the software, but my only major concern is printing. Maybe it’s me, as I’m not the most gifted with computers and printers, or maybe it’s my printer, but either way, I’d figure I’d ask:

How can I print pages of work and still keep it structured like it would be if I had used Microsoft Word? Like an A4 page of work with margins etc?

I’m aware this question probably sounds absolutely insane, but like I said, I’m definitely not the most gifted with computers!

Thank you!

What are you trying to do, and what is happening?

The fastest way to print a draft copy for your own use is via the File -> Print Current Document command. It will print whatever is in the current editor window using the settings in the File -> Page Setup pane.

At the other extreme, the File -> Compile command will come reasonably close to a publication-quality manuscript. It’s introduced in Step 17 of our interactive tutorial (available from the Help menu) and discussed in detail in Chapter 24 of the Scrivener manual.