Struggling Beginner - how to delete & undo

Hi, I’ve just started working with scrivener, Finished the tutorial this morning and imported several files. Something I am having trouble with is undoing and deleting.

As an example I had a scribble on a character template this morning. What I though I was doing was just having a play with it to see how it worked, but I seem to have permanently altered the character template sheet. If I move it to the trash the whole template is moved to the trash, all I want to do is delete what I added to it. How do I undo, or return to earlier versions? I’ve created duplicate template sheets by accident but they all have the same scribble on them. Am I supposed to copy the template before I use it?


A little confusion here. You are filing under a Mac topic but indicate you’re a Windows user.

On a Mac, use Cmd-Z to undo editing changes. There must be a Windows equivalent.

Just looked it up: Control-Z?

Good luck,


As for using those document templates, the best way to interact with them is to go to a folder where you want to create a new blank document template, and then go to Project->New From Template-> and further navigate to the appropriate document. This will create a copy of that document from the Templates folder into the folder you’re currently working in. You can also accomplish the same thing by clicking the down-arrow next to green button with the + sign in the toolbar.

The “Interactive Tutorial” found under the Help menu, or in the window where you select project templates from which to create a new project, is a great resource for learning about Scrivener at your own pace. Like any other project, you can close it at any point and then open it later and continue from where you left off, so no need to let it make you feel overwhelmed. In the interactive tutorial project, there’s a section (in the last Part folder, I believe) on “Document Templates”, if you want to skip ahead and learn about them specifically.