Stuck In Full Screen

PROBLEM: I can’t get Scrivener out of [full screen.]
As a result, I can’t easily drag and drop files.

USUALLY: I can have two projects open, allowing me to drag files from one project to the other.
The projects are less than full screen and overlap, much like holding two playing cards.
This is normal for me (and for my macros.)

NOW: Two open projects display on one window, as if using the “Merge All Windows” option.
“Move Tab To New Window” works, but it doesn’t help.
I’m stuck.

KEY COMBINATIONS: If it helps, these are “full screen” commands I’ve used…
Older macros had been running successfully, using the full screen command: control-command-F
Manually, I’ve started using the Mac command: fn-F.
Trouble began after using Scrivener’s “Zoom to Fit Screen” command: control-command-=.

BOTTOM LINE: Whatever the cause, I’ve somehow locked myself into variations of full screen and can’t get out.

Anyone able to help is invited to use technical terms, such as “idiot,” “stupid,” and “obviously.”
I’m just trying to get my macros back in action.

I’m on macOS Monterey 12.5.1, using Scrivener 3.2.3

Thanks, kindly.

What happens if you press the Esc key?

‘Zoom to fit screen’ just maximizes the project window. Dragging the far bottom-right corner would ordinarily enable you to resize it.

Escape didn’t get me out this time, but thanks for playing!

Well, gr, you may have found a way out.

How weird is this…
Mac’s Function-F toggles the project window large/small. (Both ways.)

Scrivener’s “Zoom to Fit Screen” has no offsetting command that reverts to the previous size. (There are grayed out promises, but nothing worked for me.)

That’s how I got stuck.

I was prematurely grumpy when you suggested resizing.
But having dragged everything back to its preferred size and location, I can fn-F all day, and projects open where and how they should.

I’m guessing my macros will thank you.
Certainly, I thank you.

And, I might note, not once in this post did I make a single fn-F joke.

All the best.

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Um, except for that one. :wink: