Stuck Inspector (How To Trigger)


Here are the steps that will trigger a stuck inspector, and how to get the inspector unstuck. I don’t have a screencasting tool, but hopefully the screenshot sequence is comprehensive enough. If anyone else would like to chime in and verify or give differing scenarios, please do.

  1. Open the project. The sample project has a couple of documents, each with its own synopsis and notes (shown in the inspector).

  2. Split the editor to horizontal view

  3. Click bottom editor to focus on it. Click a different document to get it into view.

Note that the inspector is showing Scene 4’s notes and synopsis now because that’s the document in focus right now.


  1. Make an edit into the bottom editor’s document.

I just discovered this step is very specific. A change of text must be made AND it must be done in the bottom editor. In the vertical view, I think it must be in the right editor.

  1. While still in the bottom editor, click on the no split icon to stop the split view AND
    keep the edited document in focus.

  1. Save and close the project.

  2. Re-open the project. The inspector is now stuck. In the screenshot, it stuck on the wrong document right off the bat; it showed scene 1’s notes and synopsis, even though the editor is focused on scene 4.


  1. Clicking on another document still won’t make the inspector change. See, still showing scene 1 in the inspector even though I’ve moved to scene 3 in the editor.

  2. However, when I go into full screen mode, and call up the fullscreen inspector, I see my notes and synopsis are still there.

But when I get out of full screen mode, the normal inspector is still stuck.

  1. The only way to force the inspector to get unstuck is to go into split mode.

Whoo, these steps worked for me to reproduce the stuck inspector using the vertical split and editing in the right editor, as suggested. Using Win7.

Also, the synopses and document notes are unnecessary for the stickiness. Mine were all blank, because I was lazy. :wink:

Thanks, scribbles!

Edit: Whoa, wild extra update, potentially related? On the reopen (when the inspector was stuck) I did another vertical split, then started editing in the left editor (same document), then clicked in the right editor. The left editor’s header stayed blue (as though it has focus) even as the right editor went blue as well. Clicking back and forth between them, into the inspector, or loading a new document via the binder didn’t fix it. I had to unsplit and resplit to get it normal. I’ve repeated this a few times now (get the inspector stuck, then a double-focus header) with both horizontal and vertical splits.

Huh! I get the same header behavior with horizontal splits, too. I didn’t notice–I must have been too busy freaking out over my “lost” document notes the first time around :wink:

Haha, I wanted to make sure there was no question that the inspector was stuck in my screenshots, since it’s static and not a screencast. Plus… .I got to write “Suddenly, squids appear!” :wink:

Yes, that was pretty awesome. I look forward to reading the finished work. :wink:

Thanks for the excellent post Scribbles.

Unfortunately, I still can’t reproduce this, I’m going to keep trying today as this is clearly an issue for many people. :frowning:


To be specific (and maybe I missed this in the above post), to FIX this, you click the horizontal split so that both the top and bottom are pointing to the same document then click on it again to close it down. Then it “unfreezes” it.

Well…dang it, now I can’t MAKE it freeze…

This should’ve been fixed in the 023 beta, so if you’re running that then this is a good thing… :slight_smile: