Study shows students do better on paper than on computer

The obvious reason is that they didn’t have Scrivener. :smiley:


Wait. The teachers blamed lack of spellcheck and other tools as a culprit. Since when did PAPER come with a sepllchecker embedded?

This is my primary complaint with what schools are “teaching”. Instead of the mechanics of writing, science, mathematics, and art, kids are being taught to be dependent on “tools”.


I think this is a bad quote in the article. I think the teacher was saying that the kids KNEW there was no spellcheck on the paper but ASSUMED there was one on the computer and were more careless. They saw no red and thought they were good.

Still… I agree that teaching of concepts is being hampered by teaching of techniques. Many students can’t do math because the problem isn’t set up like it is in the book!!


I wonder, did the irregularity, sloppiness, and cutesy jargon of e-mail (not to mention texting) influence the work? That is, were computer users writing in a substantially different mode from those writing with pen and paper?


Since the Number 2 pencil is the most popular pencil in existence why is not called the Number 1?

In light of the story. The kids now a days are very stupid, fat, have no fingers and big thumbs, and are afraid to go outside. I blame this solely on Barney the Dinosaur.

Blasphemy! That numeral is reserved for Pens.