Style Shortcut in composition mode

Product: Scrivener ( Beta (899097) 64-bit)
Platform: Windows 10

I’ve used style shortcuts a lot to mark up. Normally it works very well in editor and composition mode. But whenever I open the inspector and write notes in composition Mode, shortcut for style (Character Style) is not working. (ex. Shift+alt+6 -> ^)

Usually, I go back to editor mode and restart composition mode. Is it a bug or is there any other option to fix it?

Looks like a bug. I tried this, and just got “$” as Alt+shift+4 in the inspector notes in Composition mode. I don’t see a setting anywhere to change how notes work in Composition mode, either. The same command works just fine in the Comp mode editor. Just not in the notes.

In my case, after inspector activating, shortcut command doesn’t work in the composition editor neither.
It works well when I first open the composition mode for sure.

Could you check it again?