Styles acting strangely

I’m trying to set one scene of a paperback to have a different format from the rest.
I set up the style I want then click ‘new style from selection.’ But when I click ‘OK’ the on-screen style immediately changes to something different - different paragraph spacing, font, indent.

‘Preserve formatting’ sort of works but when I compile my book the scene in question has a first line paragraph indent like the rest of the book – something I don’t want.

After more research: The problem seems to occur if I select the entire scene and try to use ‘new scene from selection.’ If I select an individual paragraph and setup a new style, it works correctly.

I guess what was also confusing me is the fact that if you accidently apply a style twice a piece of text, it reverts to No Style. I wouldn’t expect that behavior.

It goes wonky if you try to OVERWRITE an existing user-defined style with a small change like line spacing.

If you select a lot of text and choose “new style from selection” … how can that work (logically) if not all the text is the same format – especially if it includes multiple styles? Scrivener may default to the first paragraph format or something like that, but I’m not surprised if things don’t go as expected.

The text was all in the same format. It was all paragraph text.

For example I was just formatting front matter. I formatted several short lines to be centered, no indent. I select them all and go “New style from selection.” When I click OK they all reset to left-justified with an indent. Next I select one line and set up a new style and it appears to display correctly inside Scrivener. I apply that style individually to each line but when I compile as a paperback the lines come out as left justified.

I’m just trying to work around the bugs