Styles and style names get confused when moved.

This seems a little odd.

The clip is 2 minutes long. At the start, all Styles and formatting are as indicated. When the Styled text is moved up and down with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up/Down, the text formatting is retained, but the Style itself, or the name of the style as displayed in the different locations, seems to become disassociated from the text, or something like that.

Thanks for the report! I’ve got this, and some other related scenarios I discovered, written up for them to take a look at.

Thank you, AmberV. I am relieved to know it is not just me… I guess…

This behavior is consistent and easy to demonstrate.-- the example I set up in my screen animation was more complicated than was necessary.

Just create a new document, with a paragraph in a Heading style, and some additional text in No Style or some other named style Then, when using the keyboard to move the Heading paragraph either into or across the area of a different Style, the moved para gets separated from its actual named “Style” (e.g., Heading 1), even though the text formatting itself remains. (This is not a problem when moving by dragging selected text, or regular copy/paste.)

On the one hand, it would be easy to not see this is happening, because visually the text formatting is unchanged and everything looks as expected. On the other hand, it’s hard to see how something this basic wasn’t noticed in years of beta testing during which style functions and behaviors would have at times been a focus of development and testing.

As it is, one can end up with documents where the text is correctly “formatted” even though it is incorrectly “styled.” The Style system itself seems fragile and easily broken and so can’t really be relied on. Very disappointing.

Dare I ask if the same thing happens with the Mac version, or if this is another instance of “because Windows”? :cry: