Styles review/help

Just getting started with Scriv - awesome piece of work for sure.

While I know the on-screen format of text doesn’t matter as it all gets set when you export, but I’d like to get a consistant look of my draft pages. I’ve managed to get myself totally confused over what the Styles can and can’t do. The entry in the Ref Manual under “The Ruler” left me puzzled as it doesn’t seem to work that way. :unamused:

I also have read they are’t TRUE Styles, but I’d still like to get a better understand of what I can and can’t do with them.

Could you provide a review of Style setup and best usage?

See Preferences: Text Editing: Set Default Text Attributes.
In that window, adjust the font, margins, tabs, and any other aspects of text that you desire.
I always set Times New Roman 12 pt but view it at 125%.
That gives a good view on a 24" screen but prints at a normal 12-point size.
Hope this helps; welcome to Scrivener.

Druid -

I’ve kind of done that but would like to get a little better understanding of HOW they work. I read the Users Guide about the Ruler and the Styles info there. But it doesn’t seem to work as advertised. I’m hoping to get some clarification as to how Scrivener uses the Styles.

Like - it is looking like their scope is “Scrivener” level - not project level.

A bit more complete explanation of how they work and are to be used would be of great help. The Help docs are a bit sparse.

The styles are part of the OS X text system (and thus not very good…), so the best place to learn how to use them is to look in the TextEdit help file, as that covers general text system features. Everything in TextEdit’s Help about styles applies to Scrivener too (and many other OS X apps).
All the best,

Great advice, Keith! I never thought to look there.