Styles vs. Compile

I do love the new Styles, they are incredible and I love to use them.

However, I’d like to have a option to override Styles when I’m compiling. It’s the first time in years I finally produced something I consider worth sharing with a couple of beta & proof readers, where the output is using my styles which are a lot of things but certainly not for making notes in the manuscript. Maybe nobody is using old-fashioned PDF’s for that task except me, if so, please tell me.

Scrivener is absolutely designed to do what you want. Section 23 of the User manual explains this in detail, and there are a series of video tutorials for Compile, see “Getting Your Work Out” here: … s?os=macOS

Start here: … t?os=macOS

You should be able to just apply a predefined Compile format, like “Manuscript (Times)” and be good to go…

Thanks. Either I’m spectacularly dumb or I manage to create a complete mess.

Unless I do create my very own compile format I do get font substitution in compile, but neither line spacing nor paragraph spacing is changed. If I create my own compile format, I’ll have to adapt my format template for compiling to any style I used in my manuscript, right?

You could perhaps more easily take one of the built-in formats and adapt that to your purposes, if one of them already does 95% of what you need outside of matching style names properly.

As for paragraph attributes not applying, that should work, so double-check to make sure the original style is a paragraph style, and that the style in the compile pane that is meant to overwrite it is also a paragraph style.

This sample project demonstrates a very simple example of style overrides in action.