Styling Footnotes - Comments

Many times on Scrivener Forums has been pointed out the importance of Footnotes/Comment for Academic writing, and it has been noted that this section is a little “underpowered”.
Appart for the issue of the last line disappearing on F/C, I have noticed other oddities (I hope I am wrong) and faults I hope that in the future will be addressed.

  1. The Appy formatting presets do not work at all, are not implemented. Is there any plan to implement this also for F/Cs?
  2. When in F/C the ruler is half grayed: you can apply a different font, size, style (bold, etc) but not justification, not color, highlights etc.
  3. And here is the oddity: if you select a word and right click you can change and apply Text color and Highlight color.
    I am using El Capitan and last Mac version of Scrivener.
    Have a wonderful sunday, and do not forget to bring your clocks one hour back!

All of these are intentional limitations. The content of footnotes and comments are only meant to be simply formatted, not capable of bullets, rulers and other such things.

But you can update formatting, you just need to use the command for doing so rather than the one that impacts the main text editor. To update formatting in footnotes and comments, select them and then right-click. You’ll find the command there (which uses different options in the Formatting preference pane).

Footnotes can also have their formatting changed when you compile, in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane, meaning the precise font you use in them is much less important than it might be in a program like Word, in the first place.