Sub-menu missing: "Scrivening titles"

Where can I switch the titles in scrivening view on and off? In the old version there was “View -> Editor -> Scrivening titles”. But that sub-menu has gone and I searched in vain where it has moved…

It is now under Format > Options.
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Wow. There. So I was too impatient when checking all menus. However, it is still mentioned the old way in the included Scrivener Manual 2.5 for Mac OS.

Many thanks!

Yeah, thanks. That’s already been fixed for the next manual revision. The tutorial was out of date as well.

Also: Help->Search is your friend when you know at least one key word in the menu item. If you’d entered “titles”, one of the options revealed would have been for turning titles on in Scrivenings mode.

Thanks Robert! I took the opportunity to have a look on your web page. Great stuff, well written. I bookmarked it.