Submission Software

I read on a forum today Scrivener has in built submission software. I just can’t find it.

Any help, please?


Wherever you read that, they were wrong.* :slight_smile: Scrivener has no submission tracking aspect to it, and never will - that’s way out of its scope. There must be some good submission tracking software available for the Mac, though (I know someone was developing an iPad app) - it might be worth posting in the Software by Other Folk section of the forum to ask for recommendations.

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There is no submission software in Scrivener, although I can see ways of adapting the outliner view and its meta-data columns for the purpose if you really really wanted to.

However, it may be simpler to use a spreadsheet or a database such as Bento. And I seem to remember a developer promoting submission software for the iPhone/iPod Touch in the Software by Other Folk section.