Substitutions issue È

I’ve add some personal substitutions but I have trouble with this specific symbol -È-

I can substitute without problems
-?- to -¿?-
-!- to -¡!-

but not
-Eè- to -È-

I’ve tried a lot of combinations: changing input, create from zero the substitution. It works only with output different from -È-.

If i copy-paste manually -È- it takes it, so Scrivener know this symbol and do not crash (like iOs with the indian symbol a few years ago). But it not work in substitution.

Someone have similar trouble with other symbols?


It would help to know the context of what you’re working with, is this through the compiler, and by substitutions do you mean the replacements feature? If so, what is the exact replacement you are trying?

I typed these two upper/lowercase letters into a test file, and then compiled with a replacement looking for è and replacing it with È. I also set the case-sensitive checkbox, and it compiled as È.

I don’t think I am understanding the report though.

I was meaning in the compiler. File>Options>Correction>Substitutions

But anyway, when I opened it today it works properly. Strange, because yesterday work every substitution except that one.

Ah, I see what you mean! The only thing I can think of is that you can have substitutions in that list that are inactive, by removing the checkmark in the “On” column. Maybe it was off the other day?

Well, glad to hear it’s working well at this point. Maybe the setting just didn’t stick while it was “new” and needed a restart. That shouldn’t normally be the case, but maybe there is a bug we don’t know about.

Nope, the check was the first thing I tried. I tried to disable and enable a few time, create from zero. And the other substititions was ever work properly. Anyway, today’s working