Hi Keith,
this seems odd: When I right-click the title bar of a document I get the Substitutions menu (between Spelling & Grammer and Transformations) - just as I would expect from a Cocoa app under 10.6.x based on Apple’s Text engine.
But in the main text of a document there seems to be no way to turn on the system wide substitutions. Am I missing something? If not, is there a reason for this?


It hasn’t been implemented yet. Apple added the option in 10.6, but substitutions interfere with some things in Scrivener 1.x. They have been incorporated into 2.0. (They shouldn’t really appear in the ctrl-click menu - I should have zapped that and thought I had in 1.53/4, dammit.)

Good to know, thanks.
Substitutions do work without issues, however, in document titles and notes under Scrivener 1.54 and OSX 10.6.3; I haven’t encountered any problems yet.