Subversion compatibility unavailable?

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener yesterday, June 12, 2011 (version 2.0.5 (9496)). Following the instructions in the FAQ, I went to enable subversion compatibility.

“To enable Scrivener’s version tracking compatible project format, in the General tab of Preferences, check Enable Subversion/CVS-compatible saving.”

There is no such option, however, on the General tab of Preferences (see attached screenshot). I looked around in the rest of Preferences, but did not find it. Searched the forums and did find any posts with similar problems. Am I missing something completely obvious? Is subversion only available in the purchased version?



I note that on the first page of the FAQ it says:

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: This FAQ has not yet been updated to reflect the new 2.0 features and interface. Many of its answers are conceptual, and can be applied to the new version with a little creativity, but some answers are specific to 1.x. Until this notice has been removed, please take all answers with a grain of salt.”

I leave further explanations to others who are more technically competent than I.

Cheers, Martin.


Yes, that was a 1.x-only option and is gone from 2.0, simply because it is no longer needed. Scrivener 1.x saved text documents internally using the RTFD format, which are file packages, and so needed to be careful about not overwriting Subversion information with the RTFD packages. 2.0 uses RTF for text documents inside the .scriv project, and since RTF is a flat format, it no longer has to do anything special for these files for them to be Subversion compliant.

All the best,