Success Using CrossOver for ChromeOS and Scrivener for Windows

Hey all, not sure this is the right venue for this topic, but didn’t know where else might be better to place it. Also didn’t see anything for it yet, so hopefully this isn’t old news to anyone.

I just got Scrivener 1.9.7 to install without any hitch or hangup on my Samsung Chromebook 3 using Android apps and the Google Play Store. This was using the latest version of ChromeOS and the latest version of CrossOver for ChromeOS.

The CrossOver for ChromeOS android app is in beta currently and the chromebook has to support installing Android apps. The Chromebook 3 I think is currently listed as Beta for Android apps, so this is BETA within BETA. If only we could get the Scrivener 3 Beta supported for a triple-beta.

Install was flawless. I only opened a blank novel template and played in it for a bit, so I have no idea what may or may not work, but with how smooth the install went, I would expect there may not be many hiccups to encounter. I’ll try and dedicate some time to testing it out more fully.

That said, maybe my wishlist item would be to request that the Devs work with CrossOver once Scrivener 3 hits, at least until the long awaited Android app makes some headway.

Thanks and happy testing.

When Windows Scriv first came out, I had to use use it running under Crossover for Mac for a while as there was a problem sharing projects between Windows and Mac which included Chinese Text. That issue was soon solved, but I keep up my Crossover/Windows Scrivener set upon case I need to give my collaborator help.

At the moment, I am running the Windows 3 beta for testing purposes, and others are running it under WINE, the technology behind Crossover.

There will be no need for L&L to “work with” Codeweavers. When Crossover for Android is sorted out, Scrivener should run under it … any problems will be at the Crossover end or due to hardware limitations.

There is a thread in the Windows Beta Testing forum concerning Crossover/WINE and it comes up in the Linux sub forums.