Suddenly can't find manual in Resources folder, even though it is there.

I’ve been consulting the pdf user manual as I’ve been using S3, and getting to it from the Help menu, which opens it in my default pdf reader. Just now, when I went to open it, I got a message from Scrivener saying it can’t find the user manual in the “Resource” (sic) folder. But it is there in a folder named “resources” (sic) - and hasn’t been moved or altered since I last opened it from inside S3 yesterday, if not earlier today.

  • In this screen cap, towards the center left, you can see the error message from S3.
  • Directly below that, you can see the “missing” manual file highlighted in the “resources” folder, in Explorer, a preview of its cover, and with the full path to the folder visible.
  • At the top right, you can see the pdf opened in the pdf reader. .
  • And just below that you can see the reader’s Document Properties window for the pdf, showing it is coming from the S3 resources folder, in the same S3 installation that is running the version of S3 that is looking for that very file, but can’t find it.
  • Not sure how the timestamps are determined. .

There’s something wrong with this picture.

I opened S1.9 earlier and looked in its options. They are completely separate installations, but could that maybe have changed a setting they share in common in the registry, making it so S3 can’t find the manual it is looking for, even though it is right there? Just a guess.

The early releases of the 3.01 installer put the manual in the wrong folder, and the manual PDF has a new name. So copy Scrivener-Manual.pdf from the Scrivener3 folder to the resources subfolder.

That would explain it and totally solved the problem. Had to be something just like that. Thanks.

That is a nicer name for it. :slight_smile:

Am I likely to find that an update will sooner or later replace my customized “en-US.dic” dictionary? HArd to imagine the answer to that is No. I know a full reinstall would. I guess I should back that up from time to time. I know there is also wordlists.ini, which likely wouldn’t get touched by an upgrade.