SugarSync & File Already Opened error message

Any SugarSync users? I’m getting this when I attempt to open a project that is shared between my iMac and my MacBook via SugarSync.

ETA: Scrivener is closed on the other machine, so unless SugarSync is keeping some part of the file open, I’m certain that the file is not in use elsewhere.

Now, it could be as simple as ignoring that pop-up. Just not sure if it’s really safe to do. If it isn’t, then not only is the SugarSync solution not a proper method for off-site storage, it’s not the best choice for sharing between Macs (when I’m using the laptop instead of the iMac or vice versa).

When a Scrivener project is opened, it saves a special .lock file inside the project with information about the name of the computer on which it is open. It deletes that file when it is closed. Before opening and creating this file, though, it checks to see if there is already such a file in existence. If so, it issues this warning, using the information from the .lock file to tell you where the project seems to open.

Thus, it is possible to get this warning if the file is not deleted for some reason. This only tends to happen if there has been a crash, or if you copy a project in the Finder that is currently open. It may be that SugarSync is holding onto that .lock file for some reason, though. That’s a little worrying if so, but as long as you are sure the project isn’t open elsewhere, you can safely ignore the warning.

All the best,

Great news. Thanks, Keith!

I told it to open anyway and the file looks perfectly fine. I suspect SugarSync just goofed on that one.

I work 95% of the time on the iMac, so this hopefully won’t be an issue. It’s good to know that if the worst happened (fire/theft/tornado) that I’d be able to retrieve my projects. That’s the main thing. Being able to work between the two computers is pretty much secondary.