This sounds like the perfect solution to me:

Does anyone know if this would play well with Scrivener’s package of files?

And, presumably, Mac Sync does NOT do something comparable?


I’ve tried and I don’t get scrivener to sync well. My Nisus stuff sync like a breeze. I’d love for it to work well with scriv, but I might do something wrong myself. I’ll give it another go, because I want it to work. I’ll post here, if I have some news. Would be nice if anyone else could share their experiences as well. Or other ways to keep in sync with Scricener on two Macs.! But (N.B.) using only Scrivener’s zipped-up back-up files (which at a guess might apply to SugarSync as well).


Itdoes not sync with Magic Briefcase. Too bad.

The difference between an RTF file (Nissus) and a Scrivener project is roughly equivalent to the difference between an RTF file and your Documents folder. You really cannot expect the same behaviours and performance out of the two of them.

I know. But still I would love it if I could keep one of my SCR projects in complete sync between my desktop mini and my MBP.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Is a solution even possible given the nature of the Scrivener project file? (Not a criticism of Scrivener, it has the project file that works best for what it’s designed to do.) Would only a hardwire connection between the two computers using some kind of manual syncing program work?

This seems like a very common need.

Yes. it is a manual process and you can [size=120]only edit on one platform at a time[/size].

If that is what you want then it is easy. Back up the file, copy the backup to the second machine, now only edit on [b}ONE[/b] system. The system with edits now becomes the master.

And use those hard drives! They are robust, very well established technology, and installed into your Macs precisely so that they can be utilised as high-speed storage and working space.