Suggested Name Generator Feature

David, et al,

So far, I’ve reviewed most of the features and viewed all of the videos. I have to say that I love Scrivener 2.0’s potential!

I do have a question that may become a feature request.

I would like to generate Regency England names. Is there a way to seed the generator to generate period names? If not, I would like to request such an option.




You can add your own lists. You just need to get a list of regency names - or type in a list - in Excel or Numbers, save as a .csv file, then you can load the list into the generate. I spent weeks typing in and formatting thousands of names, so I won’t be adding any more in a hurry, but if users would like to create and share their own lists, that would be great.

Glad you see the potential of Scrivener for your own work!


The name generator, by the way, is brilliant. I never thought I’d use one but I’ve already used it twice! They’re like… really good names!


What a remarkable co-incidence! We were conveying our admiration with regards to this redoubtable utility to our old friends Frederic Foskett and Uriah Pipe only the other day.

Yours sincerely,

Misty MacFarlane &
Tavish Silcock-Warmington, (former of this parish)

Thanks! It took bloomin’ ages to input all the names, especially going through the entire Collins Shorter Dictionary (that’s shorter?!) to find all nouns that could potentially become fun surnames, but I do love the results.

All the best,
Polly Puffin, Ross Roth-Richter and Harvey Hird-Hitcher.

That’s incredible that you did that.

I use it by setting the number of results to 1. Then set the other parameters, hit “generate” and Fate returns… THE name. Okay, that worked once. The other time I kept trying until Fate finally got it right. This is the thing with Fate. Sometimes you have to massage the results.


I had no idea the name generator existed until I saw this thread. Now I’m having a great time with it. I love it - thanks!


Leah Cheri Shackleton-Babington

who will shortly be changing her name to:

Lucretia Ladonna Tottman-Pottinger

I did what Keith said and made lists of many Polish names from online dictionaries/databases and with the help of textwrangler to erase unneeded things. very nice!

suddenly, after adding these names, I was met by

Justyna Maria Basta
Anna Julia Gaidosz
Alfonsyna Julia Kasprzynski

and then with Patrycjusz Rudolf Poddebski, Paweł Czech Tyra, and Bronisław Erazm Sokolski.

here is the surname list I made from the PolGenWeb list: entire polish surname copy.txt (208 KB)


to make that file, or the ones below work, change the “txt” extension to “csv”
that way the name generator will enable the file.

I had to rename it to text in order for the bulletin board to accept the file as an upload.

Here is Many Polish Male First Names:
polish boy names copy.txt (2.97 KB)
I assume people who want polish names will know how to make diminutives.

last but not least is the lady names:
polish girl names copy.txt (3.81 KB)

I did not sort these by popularity. There are likely many odd entries remaining, but a low incidence as my grep skills have improved over the years.

If anyone improves the lists, please send a copy back my way, but enjoy them as is as well!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Keith, please feel free to use them or incorporate them or parts of them into Scriv. It’s my little contribution if it helps!

Bogusław Cyriak Zelazowski
aka Janek Adam Opioła cousin to Odo Herkules Majowski

Thank you! And I will, much appreciated!