Suggested Tool for Bibliography / Export to Latex


I think a similar question has already been asked, but not been answered in this forum.

I am currently using mendeley/latex for paper writing on windows.
I really like the sketching and structuring capabilities of scrivener and consider it for writing my PhD thesis.

However, for me it is (even after trying out the beta) totally unclear how the workflow for citing and automatically building up the bibliography would look like. Manually taking care of references in a >200 page document is no option. So is there a possibility/workaround for the windows version to

  • use references defined in bibtex (as mendeley supports a .bib output)?
  • export the document for being compiled in latex (as it seems to be possible in the mac-version)?

Thanks and best


I think LaTeX via MMD is coming. At least I certainly hope so, since I use a LaTeX variant for musical examples. :smiley:

so can anyone tell -when- it will be coming?

I’ll start writing my thesis next month, an I’ll most certainly not delay it for a couple of weeks or months just waiting for an essential feature. :smiley:

If not I’ll go for plain Latex and stay with it.

I think MMD support is slated for post-release. Not sure of the timeline, though.