[suggestion] animated GIF support

I found a great GIF that illustrates a concept I want to use in an RPG I’m working on. I pasted it in Scrivener and was OK with it losing it’s animation in the reference data I’m collecting, but when I later tried exporting to review the animation sequence I found that GIF was not an option.

I want my characters to get lost because they don’t know that their compass requires “interpretation” based on where they are or how old the tool they are using is. This image reminds me of how extreme the changes can be.

No suggestions, but just wanted to say that’s a very cool (if incomprehensible to me) GIF.

Hi typer - I see from your profile that you’re running the Beta. We can easily view and manage animated gifs by embedding them in HTML documents and dragging them into the binder. Here’s a version with the gif at an absolute file location:


[/code] If you copy this out as an HTML doc, and edit it to change the gif's path to wherever the gif resides on your PC, then drag it into the binder's Reference section, you should be able to see the animation. But the gif won't become part of the project.

Now if you save your HTML file into the same Windows folder as your gif, you can use a relative reference, like this:



If you drag that version into the binder, you’ll find that the image doesn’t ride along, and doesn’t show. But you can click the Open in External Editor control to open the folder where your project’s copy of the HTML doc resides:
And then you can drag the GIF into that same folder, making it a visible and accessible element of the project.

Rgds - Jerome

JJ, thanks! That may be exactly what I need in the interim!

I was really happy to find it. I’d heard about the idea but didn’t know how it works ( guess I still don’t know how it works, but I know what it looks like form the outside now) but really wanted to use a thing that people think is constant in a different way to “subvert expectations” of the players (readers).

What the gif shows is that over time magnetic north moves. And because of how it moves, some people never see it move, but others see wild swings (as compared to starfield navigation or permanent landmarks)