[Suggestion] Automatic spell checker language switch

System specs:
Scrivener v.
Windows 10

Current behavior:
When writing in more than one language one has to manually alternate between the languages through the Options dialogue for the spell checker to work correctly.

Suggested behavior:
Scrivener automatically recognizes the language being used and switches the language checker accordingly. Optional: If no suitable dictionary has been downloaded, Scrivener suggest downloading one.

Good idea, but (as far as I can tell), Scrivener doesn’t currently allow a document to be written in more than one language – there isn’t a “language” setting in the format options, so switching dictionaries would cause everything in language A to be marked as misspelt when you switched to B, and vice versa.

So, before your idea could be implemented support for multiple languages needs to come first.

And if/when it does please could it included a “no language” (i.e. do not check spellling) option (which I’ve requested more than once in the past) so that (for example) you don’t have to clutter your user dictionary with terms, proper nouns, Latin phrases and scientific names, etc., etc… Most are words you’re hardly ever going to use again, but sometimes adding them would cause genuine mistakes to be missed. For example, I sometimes have to quote the Latin phrase Natura non facit saltum in my books (it was a favourite of Darwin’s), but I don’t want “natura” in my dictionary, because I’m much more likely to have mis-typed “nature”, or “natural”. Yet it would be nice to just format natura as not to be checked once, rather than have it flagged in red every time I re-open the document.

The standard Windows language switching and paragraph direction shortcuts (ALT+SHIFT and CTRL+SHIFT, respectively) work as expected, but you’re probably right that Scrivener is not aware of the actual language being used.