[Suggestion]Beta 13: Bookmarked Documents Moved to Trash Remain Bookmarked

Not sure how this is meant to work. Moving a document that is in the project bookmarks list to the trash leaves the document in the project bookmarks list.

Should it drop off the list at that point?

There’s nothing stopping anyone from bookmarking documents in the trash, but logically it is odd. When I empty the trash, the documents do drop off the project bookmarks list.


I can’t speak for L&L, but this is the behaviour on both iOS and Mac. I assume that this is intentional. It’s in keeping with the general L&L philosophy that the Trash isn’t really trash, it’s just a place to hold on to docs you don’t want in your manuscript right now… for example, project searches by default, as I recall, include the Trash and searching Trash has to be explicitly turned off (only once, but there it is.)

It’s not the way I use Trash, but at least they’re consistent.


One of the reasons for a separate project Trash folder to exist is so that you can easily retrieve things deleted by mistake. From Scrivener’s point of view, the fact that you wanted to bookmark it could be seen as an indicator that you don’t actually want to delete it.


In 7 years of using Scrivener, I’ve pulled something out of Trash maybe once or twice, but finding myself looking at unwanted Trash search results or clicking on links to Trashed documents which should be dammit gone happened about once a week–until I got into the habit of emptying Trash whenever I put something in. I’ve never regretted it.

I understand that my usage is contrary to L&L’s design philosophy, and I don’t expect L&L to change the way Scrivener works just because I’m weird. :smiley: But please do be aware that there are other ways of looking at Trash.

I empty the trash when it starts looking too big (which depends on project size, a little), and I haven’t pulled anything out of it in a while. If I’m pulling something out, it’s usually quickly (I trashed by mistake, for example).

Suggestion for V3.1+: Settable timer on trash dump.
A checkbox for “Let me manage my trash myself”, on by default. When checked the settable timer cannot be set.
A timer set for the number of days (say, 0-999) to wait for reuse before emptying an item.
A routine would run on exit to see last modified date of trashed items; if they exceed the age limit, they’re gone, with one warning (for the lot).
I think this is doable without much extra coding, but I could be wrong. And since it’s on exit, it shouldn’t interfere with normal operation (but should backup come before or after trash dump? I think before, so whatever was trashed could be recovered if third thoughts suggest strongly).
I’d set it to 7 days, for second thoughts’ sake, and likely never interfere with it.

I certainly would use such a setting–with a pretty short delay! :smiley: I doubt it would be implemented before Win 3 Scrivener release, but I hope that L&L will consider it for a 3.2 release. :slight_smile:

I’ve marked this post as a Suggestion for us to look at at a later date.