[Suggestion] Commented Text Color/Appearance?

Is there a way to turn off the blue underlined hyperlink-esque look in text with a comment attached to it? I like just the highlight, but the blue text and underline is ugly and distracting.

This is the way it looks in Version 1.9.x (nicer, IMO)

This is the way it looks in Beta 14 (ugly and distracting)

Couldn’t agree more!

This is how Mac is showing them and we try to be consistent. Also have in mind that in v3 styles can have color background decorations. If we remove the Inspector notes link decoration(underline and blue color) it will be visually impossible to tell which is a style decoration and which one is an inspector note.

tiho_d, isn’t this the case where an extra appearance option could be the perfect compromise?

An appearance option is a good suggestion of course. I am afraid this is not a priority request at the moment.

In Beta 14 we have File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Underline Links option. Unchecking this option will make the Inspector anchors lose their link decorations. Unfortunately this will be the case for all links inside the text.

Well, it is not urgent, of course, but it seems at least three customers have found it reasonable—just consider creating this option sometime in (hopefully near) future. )

I’ve marked this as a suggestion to look at at a later date.

Here’s another vote for being able to make it normal-looking other than the highlight.

It’s not pressing, but would be nice to have.

This has been implemented in the next update, although the link decoration is on by default.

tiho_d, i just love it. ))

Wow, thanks. You rock.